A New Vision



The DBGS group has adopted a new remit to promote and deliver the vision it has for improvement of the Windsor Road Fields.


Launched in July 2016, the campaign to stop housing development was a resounding success and in Autumn 2018 the Council announced that the land would retain its status as Protected Green Space.


DBGS want to remain active and move forward with plans to protect the site, promote bio-diversity and introduce new activities that will benefit local schools, families and community groups. The intention is to focus on environmental awareness and education, health, welfare and well being.

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A New Partnership



DBGS is now working in partnership with the Dane Bank Angling Club and the Tameside People for Wildlife group to secure a joint lease on land within the Windsor Road Fields.


The leased land will include the field and duck ponds located to the right of the track that runs from Windsor Road to Denton West AFC. The new partnership reflects common goals and environmental concerns and the three organisations will work together to deliver their respective visions.

On-going Collaboration



DBGS continues to work closely with all key stakeholders including the Cricket Club, Junior Football Club and the Horse Stables as well as local primary schools and Tameside Council.


In May 2019, a series of meetings were arranged with officers from the Borough Council to communicate our vision and explore opportunities for co-operation and joint working. Further meetings are planned during the summer months and beyond.

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June 2019



All leaseholders on the Windsor Road Fields will meet shortly with the Council to develop and agree a Masterplan that will guide conservation and improvement plans going forward.


The new strategic plan for the open space will be presented to local residents and community groups for their comments and observations.


It is essential that the final version of the Masterplan is understood and supported by the Dane Bank community.

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