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Update March 2020

Since our Public Consultations in October last year, there has been a lot of work going on in the background. Read on to find out more.


Our Project Manager, Bob Rutt and Chair, Kath McLoughlin, have been busy arranging meetings with TMBC to advance the lease assignment and agree site boundaries, terms and conditions. Ideally, we hope to have the site Lease in place before the end of the financial year.

Big Lottery Funding

In February Bob submitted a draft proposal application to the Big Lottery Fund to meet the costs of preliminary site surveys and creation of a temporary vehicle hard-standing area. A member of staff from the Big Lottery Fund has prepared a report to be submitted to the March meeting of the Big Lottery Funding Committee, so we all have our fingers crossed! In due course we will be applying for a significant grant from the Big Lottery Fund for landscaping works, pond enlargement and the building of the Community Lodge for recreation, wildlife and wellness.

We have been asked by the Big Lottery Fund to explore other potential funding opportunities to help offset the estimated total project costs. This work is continually ongoing and involves a lot of time, research and administrative processes.

Charity Status

Both the Big Lottery Fund bid and the Council's site lease require DBGS to have Charity Status. As a Charity requires Charity Trustees, the DBGS Committee asked its members and its partnerships' members (TP4W and DBAC) if they would consider becoming Trustees. We now have a panel of committed Trustees, with a wide variety of relevant backgrounds and experience. 

In February, Bob submitted a formal application to the Charity Commission For England And Wales to establish the 'Dane Bank Green Space Charity Incorporated Organisation' (DBGS CIO).  The process from receiving our application to gaining Charity Status being finalised can take weeks, so we are currently awaiting to hear the outcome.

This application has been an extremely important part of our long-term plans.

So at the time of this update being published, we are currently awaiting responses from all 3 of the above organisations. The outcomes from these decisions will determine the direction of our next steps and we will keep you updated on all progress.